Fiction Editing Service

Fiction Editing Service

Ever dream to see you name on the front cover a book. You truly have a message to tell the world but you do not want your message to be clouded or misunderstood because of a spelling or grammar error. But, do you have someone in you life that will edit your work and tell you the candid truth about your manuscript? At times it is important to have someone review your work who is not invested emotionally into the manuscript.

Once you have that manuscript complete you may want to consider finding some support services that will assist your writerís heart with plot doctoring, proofreading, manuscript critiques (both full and first chapter), or anything that you may think want some help.

If you are a fiction writer then there are editing packages available to best serve your needs.

This package if for those authors who would like a line-by-line commentary on your first five pages of your manuscript. When you received the completed commentary you will be able to apply the suggested changes to the remaining part of the manuscript. Your writing with finish with a sense of consistency that was not present prior to the edits.

With this package you will submit your completed manuscript to be critiqued. When the finished report and is submitted to you, the author, you will know where does the plot line fail or where it succeeds. You will discover ways to edit your manuscript to polish your work and make it shine.

Do you have a format or inclinations that lean towards common grammatical errors?

Would you like an edit of your manuscript that rivals the big publisher houses? This package is much like ĎThe First Time Authorí package, however the line-by-line commentary is throughout the entire manuscript. You will get a report of ways that you can improve your plot, make your manuscript become easily understood because its grammar is correct. Lastly, provide a basic dissection from every angle and suggest ways that you can improve your story.

When working with fiction it is important to have a plot and scenes to flow in the most logical and rational way possible. What may be seen as logical for the author is very confusing for the reader. Before your manuscript is sent to a publisher or for self-publishing it is in both the authorís and the readerís best interest to have it edited completely.