Things to Consider Before you Self-Publish

Things to Consider Before you Self-Publish

Many authors believe that after they finish writing a great work that the actual work is complete, however it may be just getting started. Self-publishing your work gives you wonderful freedom and control over your work. You message would not change due to marketing or sales issue, however there are many things you may want to consider now that you have finished the writing.

Not everyone has a vast amount of money that they could spend on an idea or a chance. Whether you are publishing via e-book or publishing in a hard copy format, decide on how much money you want to spend on this endeavor. Give yourself a realistic view on what you can possibly earn as a return of your money in the future.

For those people who are grammar focused nothing bugs them more than a misplaced comma or poor sentence formatting. To allow your reader to focus on your message verses your grammar, find an editor that will give you genuine feedback for improvement. As for the content of the book find as many people as you can to read your work and offer a constructive opinion.

Though it is true that everyone has a story to tell, writing a memoir where no one knows your name or has heard of you will only hurt your prospects of selling your book.

There is a saying to not judge a book by its cover, however most readers do just that. Just by looking at the cover most readers can decide within seconds if it is a book that they would be interested in reading. If you aren't an accomplished Photoshop editor then you may want to consider hiring someone to complete this task.

With traditional publishing houses they have whole department that are dedicated to marketing a new title and finding ways to get it in the eye of the public. In self-publish you wear a lot of hats including the marketing department. How are you going to let people know that your book is available for them to read? Are you going complete just a social media drive? Or are you going to start public speaking and selling the books at the end of the speech? Each path is different but what is important is to develop a plan before the work is published.